Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nasty suspicion

I'll post images of two of the kind of rock piles that began my turn from skepticism to curiosity. They were at sites in Berks and Monroe Counties in Pennsylvania. I knew that Berks was settled by Germans and Monroe was not. How, then, would crazy farmers or bored teenagers or whoever it was wind up building such similarly placed piles? A nasty suspicion stole over me--it almost looks like these places were built by the same people. But . . .

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This blog is about sharing with others the things I've been lucky to see. I guess Oley Hills is a good place to start.

I don't know how to manage these photos or put them and the text where I want. I'm posting the front and side view of a rock pile that reminded me of a porpoise or fish, as well as one that many people saw as a turtle. These piles, like many at the Oley Hills extravaganza, are very large. Oley Hills is full of rock piles and boulders that look like things. Or maybe after you've been there a while, everything begins to look like something else. I may have reached a point of delerium by the time I decided that boulder in that top picture looked like a duck head. Visiting Oley Hills was mind boggling. I haven't been there for years, but getting the pictures together brought it all back. I'll post more as time goes on.

To start with, however, additions to this blog will be sporadic at best.